Astrath was forged in December 2005 by Aganoth (drums) and Asteria (vocals and composition) who decided to create a melodic black metal band. They first recruited Azael (bass), a close friend, then Maître Corbeau (guitars) and called the band Frozen.

Because Maître Corbeau wanted to play a different kind of music he left the band and Asteria took his place as guitarist. Due to this change, the band changed name to Astrath. In March 2006, the three musicians recorded their first demo: The true Astrath.

In order to improve their musical capacities they called upon Rasalom to join them in July 2006. Shortly after they recorded their first full-length: Enter my Domain. After having received more or less positive reviews the band organized some private shows and did their first "official" live show in Ornex on March 31, 2007.

Soon after, they started rehearsing new songs in order to record a promotional demo in July of the same year. Since then Astrath is looking forward to do some new shows but also to find a label to promote their music.

2009 was quite a troubled year for Astrath. During the recording of Flow of Nature, two musicians decided to leave the band, which then became a two-man band consisting of Aganoth and Asteria.

Logos history

1er logo, portant le nom de l'ancien groupe: Frozen 2ème logo du groupe 3ème logo du groupe 4ème logo du groupe, le logo actuel